Retail Resource Group

Retail Resource Group offers a full array of services to assist retail companies with their store portfolios, including development, finance, operations, and repositioning of corporate assets. We unlock capital and increase profits for our clients by generating customized solutions implemented by a best in class group of executives that possess a broad background in all aspects of the retail industry.

What Sets Us Apart

experienced commercial lease negotiators


Many of our dealmakers have been on both sides of the fence as both Landlord / Developer and Tenant, giving RRG a unique understanding of the needs and motivations of both Landlords & Tenants.

landlord and tenant lease negotiations


We preserve and improve relationships with Landlords rather than using scare or scorched earth tactics.

commercial real estate portfolio


Our network allows RRG to allocate and add executive level dealmakers as dictated by the project's specific initiatives.

Growth Development Services

$1.2 Billion in Transactions and Value Creation for Mergers and Acquisitions

lease negotiation entitlements

Advisory Services

$439 Million in Rent Reduction Savings & $178 Million in Lease Termination Savings

commercial lease renewals and terminations

$617 Million Aggregate Savings & Value Creation Accomplished for Our Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying